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ATS Just in Time training videos

Engine Performance & ABC's of Injector On-Time

Training videos can be purchased and downloaded directly to your computer. *Passcode required for activation.

After downloading contact ATS for passcodes at: or 1-800-572-6112.

Only 1 authorization code is allowed per purchase.

The latest versions of the ATS SOFTWARE UPDATES require Windows 7 Service Pack 1 or newer (through current Windows 11).  

The latest updates will not work on Windows XP or Windows 7 prior to Windows 7 Service Pack 1!


Engine Performance (TCD1020)

 Many times a wiring schematic and the limited information available about an electrical system is not enough for the technician to repair the vehicle right the first time. Once the technician watches and listens to the in-depth animations, the inner workings of the systems become crystal clear, and the technician can use this information to repair the vehicle. Now you can learn how the circuits in the engine control system work together in modern vehicles to maximize engine performance, improve fuel economy and reduce harmful tail pipe emissions. Learn how the modern PCM senses and adjusts its outputs based on sensor

inputs and operating strategies programmed in its memory.


► Chapter 1 - Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor

► Chapter 2 - Engine Coolant Temperature Switch

► Chapter 3 - Intake Air Temperature Sensor

► Chapter 4 - Throttle PositionSensor

► Chapter 5 - 1 Wire Oygen Sensor

► Chapter 6 - 2 Wire Oygen Sensor

► Chapter 7 - 3 Wire Oygen Sensor

► Chapter 8 - 4 Wire Oygen Sensor

► Chapter 9 - 6 Wire WRAF Sensor

► Chapter 10 - Mass Air Flow Sensor

► Chapter 11 - Fuel Injector


ABC's of Injector On-Time (TCD1010)

This Just in Time Training program contains four animated sections describing how the vehicle PCM processes sensor data to calculate injector on-time. Finally: a program that explains this important process. It also includes an extensive explanation of how fuel trim maintains the correct air/fuel ratio, and then alerts the onboard diagnostic system to excessive fuel corrections.


► Chapter 1 - Fuel Trim 1

► Chapter 2 - Fuel Trim 2

► Chapter 3 - Volumetric Efficency

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