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"In my own experience, actually having all 3 main scope brands (ATS, Pico, and Snap-on), is that the ATS is simply a "Flat Rate Friendly" easy scope all the way around, meaning the scope is easy to configure for users of all levels, has lots of automated settings for the inexperienced and Bernie's patented automated in-cylinder measurements simply can't be beat for speed and efficiency in finding MECHANICAL issues quickly and accurately. More folks should check out what ATS offers and see how easy and intuitive the software really is, Truly "Flat Rate Friendly."

Gary Smith / G.S.S. Enterprises, Inc

"This is a must have tool and the best engine diagnostic tool available. This tool will save a lot of time and teach the mechanic. Many mechanics just pull codes and than start replacing parts. Even if you use graphing on other scanners this will still point you in the right direction much faster. The tool talks to you as well and points out various issues like engine warm up time. My friends shop has mechanics that are too busy to learn how to just use the graphing on regular scanners and go to town with what they think is wrong. They recently had a 2006 Audi A4 that would rough rough and cut out after 1/2 hour of driving. They replaced the high pressure fuel pump, in-tank fuel pump, coils plugs, did compression test, oil pressure test. They could not figure out what was wrong. They asked me to look at it, the car was running in the lot when I got there for over 20 minutes running okay. I put the escan elite on it and the first think that popped up was engine running too rich and slow engine warm up time. I went into the engine warm up section in the Sharp Shooter section and the temp was stuck on 167 degrees and would not change while revving up and idling for another 10 minutes. This was a common problem on these Audi VW's back then. Coolant temp sensor failure with the exact symptoms. Had they had this tool they would never of wasted two days. This tool is cheap for what you get and will open the mechanics eyes up even if you're L1 and above this tool will still out pace any engine troubleshooting procedure and point you in the right direction much faster."


James Hall

"Hats off to the ATS staff!! I have been using ATS equipment for about eight years. After purchasing their new vibration analyzer I had an opportunity to use it in the field shortly after it arrived, I have to say I was really impressed with how easy it was to setup and more importantly how quickly the tool helped me pinpoint the problem. 


Part of my work is doing lemon law inspections for attorneys in my area. A good number of the customer complaints are noise or vibration related issues.  By the time a vehicle gets to me it has usually been to multiple dealerships and looked at by several technicians. The first time I used  the tool I was able to isolate and ultimately pinpoint the root cause of the vibration. The ATS vibration analyzer is now my go to tool for NVH issues."


Dexter Mills Jr. / AutoSpec

“This product is just amazing! We have nitrogen and smoke leak detectors that just could not find an A/C  leak on a problem Subaru. The Bullseye located the leak immediately and not where we all thought it would be. Honestly we all joked about the leak detector foam and thought it was a gimmick, but it pin pointed such a small leak it changed our minds. Great product, the best on the market, period! We also found an EVAP leak that we never would have found with anyone else’s product”

Ross MacPherson / MacPherson Auto Centre

I started working in a commercial shop back in 1998 I was around 21 years old at the time I am now 42. Comparing this scope to the Bosch MTS 5200 engine analyzer and the Picoscope 4240 4 channel, clearly the ATS Elite scope surpasses them all. With the built in attenuators and waveform overlay when using pressure transducers. Today while working on a 2004 Chevrolet 2500HD with a 6.6 liter vin 2 LLY diesel our case study was a no start while cranking. There was no CMP signal present so I simply connected the 5 volt output from the Elite scope to the CMP signal. This now put a voltage supply of 5 volts for the CMP sensor to pull down the 5 volt signal to ground. We then cranked over the engine to see if there was a CMP signal present. The engine cranked over producing a signal and then started. This proved the 5 volts was not being sent from the ECM. It was just that simple, no other scope has this power. I have used many scopes over the years, and I can highly recommend the ATS Elite scope.

Matthew Hussey / Promaster Automotive Inc.

"I use to spend the first 15-60 minutes of diagnosis on building a test plan. Now the eSCAN, iEA analyzer, and eSCOPE are my test plan. Within the first 15-20 minutes I’m actually finding the root causes. Why would anyone want to diagnose any other way?"

Caleb Pacheco / Technical Support / Farsight

"I-70 Auto service purchased the BULLSEYE Leak Detector mainly to speed up our AC low refrigerant repairs so we could save our customers time and money. Since using the BULLSEYE Leak Detector we have not asked any customers to return in a few days so we could inspect for dye and give an accurate estimate on the repair, we are able to give them an accurate estimate after completing the leak test. “Time is money and using this tool we save our customers $$$ and fix it the first time”  Happy customer is a returning customer, thank you Automotive Test Solutions."

Joe Sevart / I-70 Auto Service

"Being a Massachusetts emission repair facility one of the number one problems I see are EVAP leak issues. Rusted components are a big problem in the area, using the ATS BULLSEYE Leak detector you are sure to find all the leaks. Using CO2 and the Leak Seeker foam you will be surprised at the leaks you find. I have not used a smoke machine for EVAP leak diagnostics since getting the Bullseye. My return on investment was under 6 months just in EVAP repairs. Hands down my favorite tool in my kit."

Mark Mckeen / Auto Service & Tire

"Why do I think ATS is a top-notch company?....that's easy!  For starters, the tools are very intuitive... Because the tools were designed by an Automotive-Technician, they perform the way an automotive technician would expect them to. I began my ATS arsenal with the eSCAN Pro.  This OBDII generic tool is what I grab first for driveability-issues. I can easily view the PIDs I desire and can graph eight of them simultaneously. Because all of the PIDs graph-out in different colors, analyzing the data is easy on the eyes.   ATS built automated test procedures right into the tool! Testing of MAF sensors , CAT converters and calculating VE/fuel trim (just to name a few) can be done accurately and rapidly right from the drivers seat! This makes general testing even more simplified to get you heading in the right direction a lot faster.   The eSCOPE Pro  is an 8-channel scope with the ability to stack 8 individual channels simultaneously or even superimposed on the same auto-scaled display. Channels can be turned  on and off at will so viewing the traces for action/reaction testing is a snap. The scope has a HUGE buffer so capturing of hard-to-find faults on a road test is no problem at all. A "Dual-scope" tab even gives you the ability to look at any or all 8 traces on 2 different time bases simultaneously. This is a great feature for watching slow and fast traces during a failure   (like watching a relay fail on one scope , and the amperage to ignition coils, that the relay feeds, on another).   What made ATS diagnostics more comprehensive was their eMissFire Detector. It utilizes pressure/vacuum transducers located in-cylinder, at the intake manifold and tailpipe. Coupling those with the software will allow virtually anyone to learn how to quickly and effectively identify not only which cylinder is the offender, but the cause of the mechanical failure (like cam-timing faults, valve/lifter faults...even tough-to-find valve seating issues or a broken valve spring. The 16-bit resolution the scope features provides for beautiful, high-definition captures and the zoom-feature allows for a very detailed view of what is being sampled.    I struggle no longer with evaporative emission system leaks. The BULLSEYE leak detector helps you find those leaks that drive you may smell the fuel vapors but smoke CANNOT find smaller leaks , This tool can! Utilizing CO2 and an ultra-sensitive leak detector works like a hunting-dog to locate to area of a leak. The leak detection foam is sprayed on the suspect-area. It's a yellow foam similar to shaving cream. What's unique is the foam reacts to CO2 and turn pink right at the exact source of the leak. ..hours of testing is reduced to minutes , literally.   As if the tools weren't enough...the customer support is second to NONE. When you call for any reason, your call is answered  quickly and pleasantly by a friendly ATS family member . You actually get to know them on a first-name basis. How awesome is that?!? I had an issue with my PC and one of the friendly techs spent hours repairing my computer remotely, while I continued on at work, uninterrupted.    I visit the website the often. Most websites are little more then a FOR SALE sign. ATS has many articles, case studies, even TRAINING VIDEOS! Using ATS tools/training actually taught me a lot more about engine-dynamics and computer strategy, than I previous knew.  Keep in kind...this training is totally free to use!   I can't say enough about this company. ATS has quality tools, quality staff, and great training. That is a hard combination to find these days. I'm an ATS customer for life, they are the BEST!"

Brandon Steckler / Advanced Automotive

"If you want to fix cars Automotive test Solutions is the best place to buy diagnostic test equipment. Plus the staff is awesome. Thank for the equipment."

John Sandzimier / Sandzimier Auto Repair

"At I.V.S. our 12 bay shop full service facility we specialize in upper end import vehicles and turn away nothing. We rely on factory scan tools and A.T.S. equipment for all diagnoses. Without A.T.S., their equipment, training and support we'd be guessing and fumbling on late model Volvos, BMWs, Mercedes, VW and Audis. The A.T.S. scan tool and scope make drivability diagnostics quick, accurate, and verifiable, while the BULLSEYE Leak Detector pin points leaks from EVAP to the smallest AC pin hole. There is no clearer, thinner, or more maneuverable bore scope on the market than what A.T.S. offers.Ever try getting support for your factory scan tool or one of the big name industry tools? I'm always able to get personal and knowledgeable help calling A.T.S. They are quite simply the best our industry has to offer.     ATS- Technician driven innovation engineered by rocket scientists. Is it fuel delivery, air measurement or restriction? With the eSCAN we got the first automated graphing of fuel trim against V.E. that answered these questions at a glance on any OBD II vehicle. In cylinder pressure wave forms had never before been presented and described before ATS brought this technique to the industry. Their proprietary pressure transducers are the most accurate and responsive in the industry. With in cylinder, intake manifold, and exhaust waveforms overlaid all mechanical engine failings[except bearing knock] can be diagnosed quickly and certainly.    BULLSEYE Leak Detection using CO2 and surface mounted sensor technology has made the smallest A/C and EVAP leaks quick and easy to find. Now any closed system at virtually any pressure can be leak tested, verified and pinpointed with the BULLSEYE color changing foam.     ATS has been dragging the industry forward by pioneering the tools required to diagnose and repair all vehicles for 20 years. If you want the best go to the source ATS."

Dave Lang / Independent Vehicle Service

"I want to thank you for having some of the best products in automotive industry. Your eSCAN is my go to scanner. Over 90% of my Check Engine Light repairs are done with this incredible diagnostic tool. Your Compression and Misfire Diagnostic Equipment is the best. eSCOPE Pro is phenomenal. It must make you feel good that others companies follow what you have already designed. Thank you for being such a great innovator in the automotive repair industry."

Richard Esqueda / Automotive Service Center

"ATS is the ABSOLUTE BEST company I have ever dealt with! I have had their equipment for many years and each and every piece has saved me time and MADE ME MONEY. That being said their support is what makes ATS head and shoulders above the rest. I cannot begin to describe the level of support they provide. I have learned so much just by calling them and asking for help. Whenever I call them for help I always have a legal pad ready because I know the information they give me is going to be very thorough. Finally, the friendliness of all the staff is incredible. We all have bad days but I can say that in all the years I have been dealing with ATS that I have NEVER talked to anyone that wasn't cheerful and happy to help me with whatever I was calling about. I would recommend ATS for any equipment needs and give them 2 thumbs up and 5 stars!"

Sherwood Cooke / Royalty Auto Service

"I have been repairing and diagnosing automobiles since the late 70's. Starting in the late 90's, I was becoming frustrated with level of training, lack of theory and operation, lack of real usable diagnostic information and the limited ability of diagnostic equipment that was available.  It seemed to me that the authors of service manuals felt like auto techs were idiots and didn't need to know how and what that little box did on the inside and by what process it made it's decisions. To say the least I reached a "Burned-out Point " in my career. I was no longer excited about each car that came in and I lost that excitement that came with each opportunity to solve that puzzle that others avoided or just failed at.  After attending some of the ATS classes taught by Bernie, I began the process of really understanding how the engineers of these complicated machines intended them to work, how they process information and in return control systems.  That was the light at the end of the tunnel... and I wanted more!  Then came the "ATS Machines" that gave me the ability, the confidence and the means to brush away the fear of a no code diagnosis as if it were a mere inconvenience.  I call my ATS equipment "Machines" because other shops have brought me difficult cars to diagnose and ask if I could put the car on my "Machine" as if it were from the 22 century. My excitement about this industry has been restored and with a greater passion than ever before. Thank you ATS for providing the testing equipment I depend on every day, such as my 8 channel eSCOPE Pro, eSCOPE limited, Pressure Transducers, eSCAN and many other tools. Thank you for the quality in depth real world training but most of all thank you for giving me my passion back!"

Dennis Williams / Williams Automotive

"The eSCAN has been one of the best investments we have made! It has made fuel trim diagnostics easier and faster. We also have the iEA, 8 channel eSCOPE Pro and the BULLSEYE Leak Detector. The ATS BULLSEYE Leak detector recently helped us quickly and accurately diagnose a very small evaporator core leak on a 2010 BMW. Their tech support has been friendly and fast, they are very patience and will help train you on how to use the tools."

Dustin Brown / Browns Automotive

"In the first part of 2012 I attended a NAPA class on diagnostics and the use of a oscilloscope was talked about as being the way to go in diagnostics. Working on diesels in dodge trucks and gas cars I wanted a better way to get to the cause of the problem and why it happened. I started looking for a scope, found out about ATS and called them. None other than Bernie Thompson himself answered the phone we talked. I liked what I heard so I purchased an eSCAN Pro, eSCOPE limited and some of the stuff to go with it. After using it I went to TST's big event in 2014 and got to meet Bernie and learned more about the tools I had purchased and how to use them. That spring I bought the iEA kit to go with the scope and in 2016 I purchased the BULLSEYE Leak Detector kit. All the updates and tech help is free that's amazing. Most of the tech help for any other scan tools I own they know nothing about fixing the car and will tell you the tech support is for the operation of the tool nothing else, not so with ATS. They will log on with you and help you figure out the problem. ATS support staff is always friendly and I have gotten to know them all. I am proud to tell people that I use ATS equipment to diagnose their problems and I'm amazed the power these tools have given me to fix cars without throwing parts at them. Everyone can chose the way they can fix cars but the way "Critter" is going is with ATS. ATS equipment has proven itself to me. I don't think I have come across  anything in the 30 years that compares, they are great people and build awesome equipment."

Curt Lockhart (Critter) / Critter's Auto Repair

"The ATS team has given our shop fantastic customer service! They are one of the few company's that calls back after assisting to make sure all issues are resolved.  the tech support were they operate our computer remotely is very helpful as we are not computer experts by any means. the eSCAN is now are go to tool for driveability problems. I highly recommend this tool."

John Stahlberger / Duchess Car Care

"Thank you guys for the great tools! The equipment that we have purchased from Automotive Test Solutions have paid for themselves quickly, and it certainly helps our confidence level when it comes to quickly diagnosing and testing today''s complex vehicle systems."

Leonard Mast / Mast Automotive

"I bought the eSCOPE Ltd, the eSCAN and the eMissFire many years ago when our shop was looking for a way to help our techs diagnose those tough driveability problems that seem to always have us scratching our heads and wasting a lot of time in the process. Since we have added this equipment to our diagnostic tool arsenal, we have been able to convert a lengthy diagnostic process in to a quicker, more efficient method of testing and locating problems! The equipment and support is great.  The staff is very friendly and I highly recommend taking a class with Bernie! Bernie's knowledge and passion for fixing cars is off the charts and his commitment to providing the automotive service world with top-notch equipment and training is amazing and appreciated!"

Jim Jordan / Krage's Auto Center

"Thank you for your excellent tools and exceptional service. It's not often you have the opportunity to experience such well rounded company support, but you guys have gone out of your way on multiple occasions. Among the guys in the field, ATS means excellence. Thanks for all the effort."

Dave House / Auto Clinic

"I've been using several diagnostic tools from ATS. I use the eSCAN every single day. It's fast and easy and has all the necessities to diagnosis a car. ATS has a wide range of diagnostic equipment to help repair cars."

Gerardo Vazquez / B+B Auto

"I've been using several diagnostic tools from ATS. I use the eSCAN every single day. It's fast and easy and has all the necessities to diagnosis a car. ATS has a wide range of diagnostic equipment to help repair cars."

Ross Wellwood / ATG Training / ATG Instructor

"I joined Autolite nearly 5 years ago and right away invested in your eSCOPE pro, eIgnition and eSCOPE limited products. Frankly these past several years I had only used ATS' scopes for vehicle diagnostics as that's all I had in the tool box! I grew up with a Tektronix 422 on my bench and even with that scope as a stark comparison to my eSCOPE I just didn't fully appreciate just how great your product really was until I got caught up trying to grab a suspected fuel injector waveform with a popular 2 channel product. By the time I got some of the information needed I was so frustrated I was ready to drive across town to grab my eSCOPE! It was then that I understood precisely why a few of my driveability students would sometimes look at me funny when I told them how using an oscilloscope could save them time and effort as part of their diagnostic routine. They were most likely using a bundled scan tool with a scope function that's an afterthought or a scopemeter that was designed for bench electronic work. I now know from personal experience that not just any scope will hook up fast to a car and find issues. It pays to have a scope that's designed by service professionals specifically for technicians. You may not think you need 4 or 8 traces with 2 time bases and on-board pressure transducers but once you've fixed a few problem children you wont want to use anything less. I know I won't use anything else and I'm glad bought the right stuff the first time! Thanks for a great product and super support!"

Dave Buckshaw / Sr. Technical Trainer/Media Produce / Autolite Spark Plugs

"My ATS eSCOPE Pro has saved me lots of time during road tests because I can hook up to multiple CKT's at one time. One example was a 2001 Grand Prix that a customer recently brought in. The customer complained the car would not rev over 2800 rpm. It was almost like it was hitting a rev limiter. The cell was on with misfire codes storied in the computer. With my eSCOPE I was able to look at multiple sensors at the same time. On a test drive it didn't take long to get the car to act up. I was able to store the road test and come back to the shop and revue the data. The eSCOPE gives me the ability to turn off different channels’ to sort out the data. After enlarging the data I was able to see when the problem was occurring the 7X crank signal was failing. The eSCOPE’s eight channels helped solve the problem quickly with as little driving around as possible. It also lets you drive and diagnose the vehicle by your self so you’re not tying up two people. The Internet tech support is a great help as well. The eSCOPE has the ability to help anyone learn to become a better tech."

Rick O'Neil / Advanced Automotive

"I have been using the eSCOPE and I must say that it has been an excellent enhancement to my arsenal of equipment. I already own two 4-trace scopes and two 2-trace scopes, but there is nothing to compare when using an 8-trace scope where you can actually view 8 input traces such as injector voltage waveform patterns, timing signals or computer powers and grounds all at once. This is not just an 8-trace scope but rather doubles as two 8-trace scopes on a selected dual screen set-up that can be set to two different time bases using the same input leads. This would be handy when viewing fast signals (Crank, Cam, Coil primary, Injectors) and slow signals (TPS, Map, O2) at the same time with both charts being synchronized together. This dual scope screen feature also allows signals to overlay one another and allows a user to better understand the associations the signals hold with one another. The eSCOPE includes a 6-channel signal generator that has the ability to create dual O2 sensor outputs at any frequency and amplitude, drive coil devices and output a variable 5 volt ref signal in a linear or digital mode. This is a learning tool within itself and I consider it to be the must have tool for the new millennium tech!"

John Anello / Auto Tech On Wheels

"The students really liked the "engine performance material", and the graphics and details were super! Great stuff for us instructors trying to get certain concepts across! If "a picture is worth a thousand words", then a 3-D graphic may be worth ten thousand!"


John Berkheimer / Thaddeus Stevens College Of Technology

"ATS is extremely convenient. For average and above average technicians it is a huge time saver. Easy to hook up for intermittent drivability problems. With 8 Channels you can usually get the problem in one test drive. With thin 1/16” diameter wiring, you don’t have to worry about crushing or cutting leads. You go for your test drive, hit the button and save the data. You can re-set the system and get several data files of the same problem just to be sure you’ve got it. But, you usually get what you need on the first pass. You can hook up and save data in a matter of seconds. It is great to have the Injector and 02 toggle (sensor) on the same screen. With the dual timing, analysis is quick. You can save the data and take it home for analysis. You can pulse injectors for as long as you like.A sharp technician won’t let go of this system.It is worth mentioning again that it is convenient for test drives. You don’t have to worry about the hood. It only takes a few seconds to save the data. The 6 feet of cords is great and with the extensions you get 18 feet. You can take data home for analysis. You can plug the analysis into other programs like AES Waveform Library and Paint.I do testing the way I want to do it."

John McLaughlin / Tuolumne Street Auto Electric & Repair

"I rarely give a review of any company (since most are nothing special), that being said...ATS is a company that actually goes beyond the expectations that I have when I am looking to invest my money into its products.I have purchased several tools from ATS, and some intimidated me at first...I recall being hesitant to call and ask for help in the beginning because of the way I felt when I called for assistance from other tool vendors...I must say that I was quite impressed from the very instant that I made the call.I was taken care of in the most unexpected way!  They were very interested in making sure that I was completely comfortable using the equipment before letting me go, and reassured me that if I had any more questions to feel free to call and ask...that is how the first call went and any time that I have called since! Who does that anymore?!Everything I have purchased works far better than I expected when I was checking into the tool, I started with eSCAN....what a surprise that little drivability scan tool is! I own two of them now. Then I moved on to purchase the 8 channel eSCOPE. Then eSCOPE Ltd and transducer kit, then I bought their iGA5 gas analyzer, and somewhere in the process iEA engine analyzer. I haven't been disappointed with any of the equipment or the service that comes along with it!To any technician or shop owner that is looking to improve their capabilities, skills, speed and accuracy on the toughest jobs...I highly recommend any or all of these products to assist you in getting the job done!"

Rusty Flake / Advanced Automotive

“Wait till you get an eSCOPE. Colors are brighter. Birds sing louder. Food tastes better. EVERYTHING IMPROVES!!!"

Scoobs L Mestazz

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