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3C Intelligent Induction CleanerTM (patent pending) Removes heavy carbon deposits from the unique carbon types that occur within the gasoline based internal combustion engine. The 3C gasoline engine cleaning system is specifically designed for the ATS 3C gasoline chemicals. The 3C microprocessor is programmed with a run profile that commands the 3C chemical to be delivered into the gasoline based induction system where it can best reach all carbon sites within the engine. This allows for superior carbon removal from Gasoline Port Injection (GPI), Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI), E85, and CNG engines. The 3C system quickly attaches to an induction port on the engine. The 3C microprocessor then delivers a customized measured amount of carbon removing chemical in timed intervals into the induction system thus removing heavy carbon deposits from the induction system and combustion chambers. The 3C Intelligent Induction Cleaner™ is used to prevent carbon deposit build up in the gasoline based engine. All GDI engines accumulate induction carbon deposits rapidly so the engine should be cleaned every 30,000 miles as routine maintenance to keep these deposits from creating performance issues with the engine. The purchase of 3C Intelligent Induction cleaner includes 12 cases of chemical; enough for 48 cleanings. The 3C system will not foul spark plugs and will not damage the catalytic converter.

3C Intelligent Induction Cleaner

SKU: DSI1000