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ATS Pressure Transducers

for Pico, Snap-On and Autel oscilloscopes.


-30 HG Vacuum Transducer

The ATS absolute -30 Hg vacuum sensor reads down to a negative 29.53 inches of mercury while allowing a positive pressure of 30 inches mercury (15 PSI) to be read.


300 PSI Transducer

The ATS absolute 300 PSI pressure sensor reads positive pressure to 300 PSI while allowing negative pressure down to 14.69 Psi (-29.92Hg) to be read.


500 PSI Transducer

The ATS absolute 500 PSI pressure sensor reads positive pressure to 500 PSI while allowing negative pressure down to 14.69 Psi (-29.92Hg) to be read.


5000 PSI Transducer

The ATS absolute 5000 PSI pressure sensor reads positive pressure to 5000 PSI while allowing negative pressure down to 14.69 Psi (-29.92Hg) to be read.

Note: When picking a pressure transducer always pick the pressure closest to the peak pressures to be read. The greater the sensing pressure the thicker the diaphragm will be.  This means that the sensitivity of the transducer is diminished.

For example if reading an in-cylinder pressure from a Gasoline based engine use of a 300 PSI sensor is recommended. If reading an in-cylinder pressure from a Diesel based engine use of a 500 PSI sensor is recommended.


Pressure Pro

The Pressure Pro allows three pressure transducers to be powered, grounded, and supplies output signals simultaneously. The Pressure Pro allows all three sensors to be independently zeroed. This unit will allow the user to use and display three different pressure transducers on the oscilloscope at once, thus helping with the mechanical testing of engines. When testing the internal combustion engine you will need to monitor in-cylinder pressure (300 PSI Gasoline, or 500 PSI Diesel), induction pressure (-30 Hg), and exhaust pressure (+/- 25 H20) simultaneously. Note: When using the Pressure Pro with your voltage measuring instrument 1 Pressure Transducer Cable (PTR1080) and 1 Pressure Pro to scope BNC Cable (PTR1100) is necessary for each Pressure Transducer being used.

iEA Exhaust Sensor (+/-25" H20)

The absolute iEA Exhaust Sensor reads

positive pressure to +25 inches H20, while

allowing a negative pressure down to -25

inches H20.

iEA Tailpipe Amplifier

The Patented iEA Tailpipe Amplifier allows accurate measurement of exhaust volume changes to be made.  This device will allow multiple cylinder misfires to be analyzed quickly, while maintaining accuracy. The iEA Tailpipe Amplifier can be used with many different types of sensing technologies such as; ATS Exhaust Sensor read in inches of water, First Look pulse sensor, and Nicolson pulse sensor.

Pressure Transducer Kit

A Pressure Transducer kit
for use with Pico, Snap-On and Autel oscilloscopes.

Pressure Pro Kit 


Kit Includes: 

Pressure Pro,   300 PSI Transducer,   -30 HG Vacuum Transducer,   EMissFire Exhaust Sensor (-20 H2O),

2 Pressure Transducer Cables,  Phono Jack to Phono Jack Cable,   3 Pressure Pro to Scope BNC Cables,

3 BNC to Banana Plug Cables, 14mm Stainless Steel Compression Tester Adapter,   18mm Stainless Steel Compression Tester Adapter, Exhaust Tailpipe Hose,   Quick Connect Coupler - Small,   1/4" Hose Adapter,   3/8" Hose Adapter, Custom Carry Case (not shown).


iEA Spark Tester with RF Filter

Pressure Transducer Cable


Pressure Pro to Scope

BNC Cable


Phono Jack to

Phono Jack Cable


Inductive Trigger Pickup


Quick Connect Coupler


3/8in Hose Adapter


1/4in Hose Adapter


Vacuum Test Hose


12mm Compression

Tester Adapter


14mm Compression

Tester Adapter


18mm Compression

Tester Adapter


16mm Ford 5.4L 3 Valve

Compression Tester Adapter


14mm XL Compression

Tester Adapter for VW VR6


Exhaust Tail Pipe Hose


BNC to Banana Plug Cable

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