BULLSEYE Leak Detector overview.  NEW!





Find AC leaks with the BULLSEYE Leak Detector.  NEW!





Find EVAP leaks with the BULLSEYE Leak Detector.  NEW!





Find engine oil leaks with the BULLSEYE Leak Detector.  NEW!





Using the BULLSEYE to find a slow tire leak.





Using the BULLSEYE to find a valve cover oil leak.





Sherwood on Bullseye Leak Detection


Just wanted to say thanks for such a great tool! It took us a while to bite the bullet and buy it but now I'm mad at myself for waiting so long. We have been trying to find a leak on a 2001 Toyota Highlander for 6 months. Small leak code kept coming back no matter what we did. We smoke tested it more times than I care to remember. We replaced the carbon canister and both vacuum valves along with several hoses. Still had the same problem. We told the client, who was being very patient, that we were going to order your tool and see if it would help us find the leak. We connected it and the detector went off above the fuel tank. We dropped the tank a little and sprayed the area with the detector foam. It turned yellow so we knew we were on the right path. We dropped the tank and sealed it. We put carbon dioxide in it and sprayed. The video shows the results. The picture shows what it looks like with the smoke machine hooked up.


Again, thank you for such a great tool. I know you guys work very hard to develop tools that work in the real world and you hit this one out of the park.


Sherwood Cooke

Royalty Auto Service



Comparing bullseye to other cooling system

detection methods to find combustion leakage

into the cooling system.

The BULLSEYE Leak Detector works better than smoke.

Bullseye Leak Detection presented at AAPEX 2015

Case Study Videos


Case Study #1 Chevy Cobalt

Case Study #2 Scion XB

Case Study #3 Ford F150

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