“In my own experience, actually having all 3 main scope brands (ATS, Pico, and Snap-on), is that the ATS is simply a "Flat Rate Friendly" easy scope all the way around, meaning the scope is easy to configure for users of all levels, has lots of automated settings for the inexperienced and Bernie's patented automated in-cylinder measurements simply can't be beat for speed and efficiency in finding MECHANICAL issues quickly and accurately. More folks should check out what ATS offers and see how easy and intuitive the software really is, Truly "Flat Rate Friendly."

Gary Smith, G.S.S. Enterprises, Inc

Don’t just buy test equipment; Invest in repair solutions!

Automotive Test Solutions designs and sells premium automotive test equipment,

backed by service after the sale.

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Automotive Test Solutions

Automotive Test Solutions is a multi-national award winning company for innovative thinking that produces patented tool solutions for the automotive industries. Established in 2001, ATS manufactures oscilloscopes, OBD II generic scan tools, misfire detectors, pressure transducers, leak detectors, gas analyzers, borescopes,engine simulators, ignition analyzers, and a number of high tech training products to serve the automotive technician.

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