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Basic Transducer Kit with Scope (P/N PTR1002) $2,095.00

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Wherever There's Pressure...

Pressure Transducers turn pressure readings into voltage signals. Use transducer diagnostics all over the car: spot misfires, blown head gaskets, fuel delivery problems, transmission defects, engine mechanical failures, and timing issues.

Find pressure-related problems faster in: cylinders, fuel systems, and transmissions. Don't limit yourself to analog dials or average digital readings from run-of-the-mill pressure gauges. Get the whole picture by watching pressure draw a trace across your screen. Hey. If you're going to screw a pressure test hose into a plug hole or transmission test port, why not get something useful for your effort?

The kits contain hoses, couplers, and adapters for common automotive tests. All transducers are backed by our commitment to customer service, before and after the sale.

  • Quickly finds misfiring cylinders, running compression problems, camshaft timing problems, blown head gasket, sticking piston rings, fuel pressure problems, and much more.
  • Can be used in conjunction with all ATS diagnostic equipment.
  • The diagnostic tool for the new millennium technician.
Basic Transducer Kit Includes:
  • Complete EScope Limited Kit
  • -30hg Vacuum Transducer
  • 300 psi Pressure Transducer
  • 2 Pressure Transducer Cables
  • 18mm Compression Tester Adapter (Special High Temp Hose)
  • 14mm Compression Tester Adapter (Special High Temp Hose)
  • High Pressure Compression Fitting
  • Spark Tester
  • 3/8" Hose Adapter
  • 1/4" Hose Adapter
  • User Manual
  • Pressure Wave Animations
  • Hard Plastic Travel Case with Foam Padding
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Upgrade to EmissFire Kit (P/N PTR1002A) $1,600.00

For customers who want to upgrade their Basic Transducer Kit to a EMissFire Kit.

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Upgrade to EmissFire Kit Includes:
  • EMissFire Software
  • EMissFire Amplifier
  • EMissFire Exhaust Sensor (-20 H2O)
  • Exhaust Tail Pipe Hose
  • Pressure Transducer Manual & Animation CD
  • EMissFire Trigger Filter
  • Phono Jack to Phono Jack Cable
  • Inductive Trigger Pickup

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