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Gas It, Graph It, Get It Done!


The ATS iGA5 - Intelligent Gas Analyzer spots common problems--right now: with update rates from probe to screen display as fast as 5 seconds! Locate fuel control problems, misfires, leaking head gaskets, no starts, hard starts, and EVAP system leaks.


iGA5 is a premium gas analyzer, made of the finest materials, designed to provide many years of trouble-free service. It comes packaged as a ready-to-run test solution, with all necessary cables, probes, connectors, hoses, and its own power supply.


Run the iGA5 alone or use ATS Multitool software to link it to both eSCAN ELITE and eSCOPE PRO or eSCOPE ELITE . Connect all three together using our optional wireless interface, and create a diagnostic suite that can't be beat.


Text or Pictures


Review iGA5 readings as numeric data, or graph them in bold, colorful displays that make it easy to spot trends and imbalances. Increase diagnostic power by 50% with ATS’ innovative iGA5 software. Save data as text or image, branded with your shop name; annotated for future reference.



Service When You Need It


Look to ATS for tech support before and after the sale: that includes software updates and live answers to your questions. And if you've ever spent an afternoon trying to locate a hose or new filter for your current analyzer, you'll be happy to know we stock many service items, ready for prompt delivery.


iGA5 measurements of HC, CO, CO2, O2 and NOxMeets or exceeds OIML Class 1 Gas StandardsMeasures concentration in parts per million or percentages and supports measuring grams per mile / kilometerCertified to BAR-90 (United States Bureau of Automotive Repair)Meets the performance specifications of BAR-97Also certified under the AirCare program of British Columbia, Canada




Interfaces to PC via Serial Port


• Large 1024x768 Pixel (XGA) Viewing Area with Large Colored Traces.

• Data Can be Saved to Text File for Future Retrieval.

• Data Can be Saved to JPEG Image for E-mailing or Documentation.

• Web Enabled for Remote Monitoring on LAN or Internet.

• Hold Button allows Cursor Measurements of last 2.5 Minutes.

• MultiTool Tab allows Simultaneous Viewing of Emission Data along with Data from other ATS Diagnostic Tools.




Click on 1/2 size screen shots below to see full size image


iGA5 data tab screen shot

All Data Tab with iGA5 Data Displayed




iGA5 fuel control problem screen shot

Fuel Control Problem Five Shorted Injectors




iGA5 gas readings screen shot

 Gas Readings During 4 Cylinder Kill




iGA5 gas readings screen shot

 Gas Readings During 6 Cylinder Kill




 Start from 120 Degrees F




For the iGA5 we recommend the following:


• XGA (1024x768 pixel resolution screen)

• 1 GHz Processor Speed (faster is better)

• Windows XP through Windows 10 operating systems including Windows 10 tablets.

(Windows RT tablets are not supported)

• 256 MB RAM (more is better)

• 500 MB Available Hard Disk Space

• Available RS-232 Serial Port or USB/RS-232 Adaptor




iGA5 Intelligent Gas Analyzer  (EMS1000) contents

iGA5 gas analyzer
iGA5 tach pickup
iGA5 12volt DC battery cable

iGA5 Intelligent Gas Analyzer

Tach Pickup

12V DC Battery to Cigarette Cable

iGA5 serial cable
iGA5 power supply
iGA5 USB to serial cable

Serial Cable

Power Supply

USB to Serial Cable

iGA5 cigarette lighter cable

Cigarette to 12V DC Power Cable

iGA5 extra filter element

Extra Filter Element

iGA5 Intelligent Gas Analyzer (Emission) - Rev 1.16, Released 7/13/2016


Learn How to Install the iGA5 Update


Download the iGA5 installation/update:

  iGA5 Installation


iGA5 Download and Installation of latest version - Rev 1.16:


Quick Start Instructions:


• Download the iGA5 update above and save it to your “My Documents” folder.

• Double-click on the downloaded file to install the iGA5 software. If the installer asks you if it is OK to uninstall the existing version allow it to do so and then run the Setup a second time to install the new update.

• After the update is installed, you will need to reassign the port number.

• Note that the iGA5 program will only run if you have your computer connected to the ATS iGA5 with power on unless you run it in

Demo Mode.

• The first time you run the iGA5 program it will ask you for a passcode to unlock the software unless you run it in demo mode. To get your passcode, contact Automotive Test Solutions at 800-572-6112 or support@atsnm.com and provide the computer ID that the program shows you at startup. ATS will provide you with your passcode. The next time you upgrade your iGA5 software you will not have to do this.

• See bottom of page for driver and Windows VISTA information.


For more detailed for instructions on installing the iGA5 update, click here.


Revision History (most recent version can be downloaded above):


6/20/2016: Rev 1.16:


• New icon that works better with all backgrounds.


6/20/2016: Rev 1.15:


• New Logo and Icon.



7/21/2014: Rev 1.14:


• Setup for 1280x728 screen size default (wide screens).  Do not install this update if your screen resolution is less than 1280x728.

• Added file loaded file name to be displayed on front panel text.


3/24/2011: Rev 1.13:


• Added ability to auto adjust window size when increasing for larger screens.

• Added option to print with grey background on graphs to save ink.

• On Tools Menu, if no other tools are found it will say "No Other Tools Installed" instead of saying nothing.

• Changed the installation directory from  c:\Program Files to to  c:\Automotive Test Solutions to keep all ATS programs, settings, and data files in one location that Windows will not prevent access to.


12/22/2009: Rev 1.12:


• Optimized to work better with Windows 7.

• Added "Size to 1024x574 (Netbooks)" option.


9/9/2009: Rev 1.11:


• "X" in upper right corner now works to close program.

• Added driver install for new Blue USB to Serial Bridge.


10/25/2007: Rev 1.10:


• First version posted on this page.

• "Auto Diagnose" functionality enabled.



Vista & XP Drivers for USB to Serial Adapters:


Below are download links for USB to Serial adapters sold with iGA5. If you are upgrading from XP to VISTA you probably need to download one of the below drivers. To install, download and unzip the appropriate driver file. Then read the "Installation Directions.txt" file for details.


www.atsnm.com/download/BelkinF5U409.zip Belkin Adapter (came with most iGA5 after 2006)

www.atsnm.com/download/IOGearGUC232A.zip IOGear adapter (most iGA5 through 2006)


NI VISA Driver:


If you are using Windows VISTA you will also need the NI VISA (version 4.1 or newer) driver to be installed on your computer for the iGA5 to work with all types of serial adapters (direct, USB, & Bluetooth).


For iGA5 version 1.16 and beyond, the NI VISA driver is included in the installer. If you need to reinstall just the NI VISA driver, see the below link:


• Download visa410runtime.exe (~30MB) and save to your hard drive.

• Run the downloaded file and allow it to unzip.

• Run the unzipped installer (should run automatically after unzipping).

• Accept all defaults and reboot if asked.






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