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EScan DTC and Mode 6 Decoder (P/N ESN1050)

Note: The EScan DTC and Mode 6 Decoder is built into the EScan and is only useful if you do not own an EScan and need to decode data from other scan tools.

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Don't let Mode 6 put a hex on you!

Have an old scan tool or a low-buck, parts store scanner? Good for codes and data, right? But even if it supports Mode 6, odds are it won't identify Mode 6 parameters in simple English. All you'll get is rows and columns of numbers & letters. No help! What you need is a little help with those crazy hexadecimal numbers. The ATS DTC and Mode 6 Decoder translates raw numbers into useful information. It uses the same database found in our award winning EScan Pro scan tool. Load it right into your laptop or PC, and call it up on demand.

Punch Numbers: Get Answers!
The DTC and Mode 6 Decoder is easy to use. Punch in Mode 6 data, and the decoder translates numbers into words. It labels component and system tests by name. In English! Quickly identify important tests for oxygen sensors, catalytic converters, and other code-setting components. Punch in a DTC number, and you get a generic or OEM-specific DTC label.

Start Using Mode 6 to Fix Cars!
Decode data from all OBD II data protocols, including CAN. Enter raw data as hexadecimal or as decimal values. Look up generic and OEM-specific DTC numbers quickly. Save screens as graphic images. Add your shop name and repair notes. Build your own library of case studies.

Start Small: Start Safe: Move Up.
Let the affordable ATS DTC and Mode 6 Decoder improve the value of your existing scan tool. Later, when you're ready to move up to our professional grade EScan Pro scan interface, we'll apply all of the Mode 6 Decoder price to your Escan Pro purchase. That's all, as in 100 percent of the original DTC and Mode 6 Decoder price, applied to the purchase of EScan Pro. How can you lose?

  • Decodes CAN and non-CAN OBD-II compliant vehicles.
  • Enter raw data as Hexadecimal 'x' or Decimal 'd' values.
  • Generic and OEM-specific codes.
  • Each screen generated can be saved as a JPG or printed with shop ID and notes.
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EScan Decode DTC's

EScan Decode Mode 6

You can download, install, and use the DTC conversion portion of the EScan Decode program for free.  However, you will have to purchase and receive an unlocking pass code from ATS to enable Mode 6 conversions on your computer. After purchasing do the following to enable full features:
  • When you first start the program you will get a popup that shows your computer ID and will ask for a pass code.
  • Send your computer ID to ATS: or 1-800-572-6112.
  • ATS will provide your pass code.
  • Note that only one authorization code is allowed per purchase.

EScan Decode presently has an introductory sale price of $75!  (MSRP is $95)


• View a FREE one hour Mode 6 webcast with PTEN magazine

• View a FREE one hour Mode 6 webcast with PTEN magazine

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