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John Anello, Auto Tech on Wheels:

"I own 19 factory scan tools
and several aftermarket
scan tools. For drivability
problems my first choice is EScan by ATS."

"This tool is
simply incredible!"

EScan Pro
P/N ESN2000) (Patented click to see patent #'s)

$795.00 Click here to buy it now


EScan Pro with Bluetooth
P/N ESN2010) (Patented click to see patent #'s)

$1090.00 Click here to buy it now.


Get the Smart Scan Tool: Get EScan Pro

Get smart. Turn your laptop computer into a diagnostic powerhouse with the
EScan Pro scan tool from ATS. This Motor Top 20 Tool connects to all
major data protocols, including CAN.

Now you ask, “What makes our EScan Pro so special?” Fair question: simple answer.

EScan Pro is the only smart scan tool of its kind. If you aren't sure what a smart
scan tool is, ask yourself these questions:

  • Does your scan tool have a list of special diagnostic PIDS?
  • Can your scan tool calculate and display catalyst efficiency?
  • Can your scan tool tell you if the air/fuel ratio is correct: if the MAF is
    working properly?
  • Does your scan tool display fuel trim charts at different engine speeds?
  • Does your scan tool calculate volumetric efficiency?
  • Can your scan tool translate Mode 6 data to simple English?

Those other tools just suck out data and spit it raw, onto the scanner screen. They
ignore valuable clues that help fix cars.That's because they just don't have EScan Pro's SharpshooterTM diagnostic tool box, an entire set of built-in assistants that search and interpret data. EScan Pro is like a diagnostic compass that points you in the right diagnostic direction.For your convenience, EScan Pro is available with corded or wireless Bluetooth interface that avoids needless cables and shop clutter.Order your EScan Pro and start fixing cars faster—today!

  • PC Based Drivability Tool with Sharp SHOOTER™ Technology
  • Connects to ISO-9141-2, KWP2000, J1850 (PWM and VPM), and CAN Bus Types
  • Very Fast Auto Connect
  • Easy PID Setup plus Calculated PIDs
  • Digital and Slide Bar Readouts
  • Powerful Graphing
  • Cursor Measurements of Charted or Recorded Data
  • Recording of Data and Screen Shots
  • Reads and Plots Monitors
  • Reads and Decodes DTCs and Pending Codes
  • Resets DTCs
  • Reads Freeze Frame Data
  • Reads and Decodes Mode6 Data
  • Reads O2 Sensor Data
  • Sharp SHOOTER™ Automated Troubleshooting Actually Alerts you of Problems:
    • Bad MAF Sensors
    • Catalytic Efficiency Problems
    • Fuel Control Problems
    • Low Power Problems
    • Charging System Problems
    • Mechanical Problems
    • And much, much more!
  • Flash Manual
  • Just in Time Animated Training
  • We have been creating Flash based animated training to help understand how automobiles work and how our tools help you diagnose their problems. Below are a few examples of what will be included with the EScan. You can look forward to this training coming to all of our diagnostic tools and training course material.
  • To play the ATS Flash animations you need the Adobe Flash Player. Click here to download the player if you don't already have it installed on your computer.

Quick Example

  • The screen shots below were taken from a vehicle that had low power and no codes were present.

Customer Example

Interfaces to PC via USB Port or wireless Bluetooth™

  • Large 1024x768 Pixel (XGA) Viewing Area with Large Colored Traces
  • Data Can be Saved to Text File for Future Retrieval. Unlimited record time!
  • Data Can be Saved to JPEG Image for E-mailing or Documentation
  • Web Enabled for Remote Monitoring on LAN or Internet
  • MultiTool Tab allows Simultaneous Viewing of EScan Data along with Data from other ATS Diagnostic Tools
  • Can be used with wireless Bluetooth adapter. Specify while ordering for Bluetooth!
  • USB Bluetooth adapter for computer side of wireless. Provides up to 100ft wireless connection to EScan.

EScan Kit Includes

  • OBDII interface for all major bus types: ISO-9141-2, KWP2000, J1850 (PWM and VPM), CAN
  • 4' OBDII Cable. One side plugs into the OBDII connector and the other side plugs into the interface so you don't bump it with your foot.
  • 6' USB Cable. One side connects to the interface and the other side plugs into the computer's USB port.

EScan with Bluetooth Kit Includes

  • Everything included in EScan Kit
  • Built in Bluetooth as well as serial port for communications
  • USB Bluetooth adapter for PC

For the EScan we recommend the following:

  • XGA (1024x768 pixel resolution screen)
  • 1 GHz Processor Speed (faster is better)
  • Windows 7, Vista, XP, or 2000 Operating System
  • 256 MB RAM (more is better)
  • 500 MB Available Hard Disk Space
  • USB 2.0 port

• Software Download/Update Page

• EScan Tech Tips NEW!

• 2007 Motor Magazine Top 20 Tool Award Write-Up (PDF)

• 2007 Motor Magazine Top 20 Tool Award Write-Up (Text)

• Additional screen shots taken with the EScan - Page 1

• Additional screen shots taken with the EScan - Page 2

• Additional screen shots taken with the EScan - Page 3

• Additional screen shots taken with the EScan - Page 4

• Fuel Injection Diagnosis Article

• EScan Volumetric Efficiency (VE) Explanation

• Fuel Trim part 1 animation

• Fuel Trim part 2 animation

• Volumetric Efficiency animation

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