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EIgnition Analyzer
(P/N EIG1000) (Patented click to see patent #'s)


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Why guess? Hit-and-miss ignition testing eats hours, and kills profits. Designed for use with EScope or EScope Pro, EIgnition turns your Escope into a monster ignition analyzer that homes in on bad cylinders like a heat-seeking missile. The innovative EIgnition actually taps into the secondary voltage of all ignition systems where it can monitor waveforms and kill cylinders.

ATS’ innovative CROSSOVER TECHNOLOGY lets you read DIS signals accurately. Each cylinder has its own color waveform so if a cylinder has a problem; identification is EASY. Are open wires causing your ignition analyzer to Error Out? ATS’ EIgnition will always keep track of the ignition sequence; you will never lose sequence or data! EIgnition is the only ignition analyzer that reads actual voltage, actual waveforms. That means better diagnosis and fewer comebacks = MORE PROFITS!

Portable, powerful, and PC-based, EIgnition is ridiculously easy to use. This Motor Top 20 Tool comes in a shop-tough case that's packed with test leads and adapters. You get everything you need to make fast hook-ups to coil-on-plug, coil-near plug, DIS, and distributor-type ignition systems.

  • Tap into any ignition system quickly.
  • Read DIS signals accurately with ATS’ innovative Crossover Technology.
  • Never lose sequence or data again.
  • Problem identification is EASY with individual color waveforms for each cylinder.
  • View large, colorful, razor sharp waveforms on your hi-res PC display.
  • Software allows direct coupling (EIgnition box), capacitive hookup or primary hookup.
  • Use factory presets for common tests, or record your own.
  • Make fast adjustments on-the-fly with our easy-to-use on-screen control console.
  • Record data movies on the PC hard drive; print them for your records, or use them as a sales tool.
  • Free software updates!
  • Free technical support!

Why wait? Guess less and pump your profits with EIgnition.

Revolutionary Patented Technology

  • Allows the EIgnition Analyzer to monitor and display voltage waveforms connecting directly to ignition coil output.
  • Monitoring Secondary Voltage is far more accurate than primary voltage waveforms.
  • Accurate peak readout updated every 20 ignition cycles.
  • Monitors Voltage Waveforms on Conventional, DIS, Coil Near Plug, and Coil on Plug ignition systems.

(click on 1/2 size screen shot to see full size image)

Power Balance testing on most ignition systems

  • Each Cylinder is displayed with a different color.
  • Dual Screens allow viewing cylinder discharge simultaneously with two independent time bases.
  • Each cylinder trace can be turned on or off on either chart
  • Hold buttons allow viewing of last five screen sweeps
  • Data can be saved to text file or JPEG image for future retrieval
  • Web Enabled for Remote Monitoring on LAN or Internet
  • 12 Bit (0.024%) Resolution on all Eight Channels
  • Large 1024x768 Pixel (XGA) Viewing Area with Large Colored Traces

8 Stacked Charts viewable simultaneously
  • Each chart triggered independently.
  • Each chart has peak kV display.
  • Each chart has independent voltage scale.
  • Each chart has independent record history.

Using EScope inputs allows up to 8 primary traces to be displayed simultaneously on dual screens and stacked charts
  • Burn Time Displayed on Bar Chart, Digital Display, and Histogram Chart
  • MultiTool Tab allows Simultaneous Viewing of EIgnition Data along with Data from other ATS Diagnostic Tools

Gas Kill Balance testing on most ignition systems
  • Uses ATS Emission product along with EIgnition to kill cylinders and monitor gases simultaneously
  • HC and O2 % Difference are graphed and reported for each cylinder killed

Deluxe Case with Multiple Accessories
  • Adaptors to get into almost all ignition systems
  • Analyzer connects to Auxiliary Port of EScope
  • Power from PC (no extra wall or battery plug-in required!)
Kit Includes:
  • EIgnition Analyzer & Software
  • 1 10’ Double Shielded DB25 Cable
  • 1 12‘ Ground Lead Extension
  • 1 15’ Battery Ground Cable
  • 1 Inductive Pickup
  • 1 Capacitive Clamp
  • 1 Coil & Cap Kit
  • 1 Spark Tester
  • 8 Coil Ground Leads
  • 8 Spark Plug Adapters
  • 8 T Adapter to EIgnition Box Leads (Long Color Coded Leads)
  • 4 Small Male Wire Adapter Leads (Subaru or other)
  • 6 Large Female Wire Adapter Leads (Toyota or other)
  • 8 Spark Plug Wire Adapter Leads (Medium Plug Adapter)
  • 8 Spark Plug Wire Adapter Leads (GM or other)
  • 8 Small Female Wire Adapter leads (Ford or other)
  • 8 Large Male Wire Adapter leads (Bosch or other)
  • 8 Spark Plug Wire Adapter leads (90 Degree Adapters)
  • 8 Medium Female Wire Adapter leads (Straight Plug Adapters)
  • 8 Spark Plug Wire Adapter Leads (COP Adapters)
  • 6 Xtra-Small Female Wire Adapter leads
  • 4 Small Male Adapters
  • 8 Large Male Adapters
  • 6 Xtra-Small Female Adapters
  • 8 Small Female Adapters
  • 8 Medium Female Adapters
  • 6 Large Female Adapters
  • EIgnition Manual



• Software Download/Update Page

• 2005 Motor Magazine Top 20 Tool Award Write-Up (PDF)

• 2005 Motor Magazine Top 20 Tool Award Write-Up (Text)

• Understanding Ignition Waveforms Tutorial #1

• Understanding Ignition Waveforms Tutorial #2

• Additional screen shots taken with the EIgnition - Page 1

• Additional screen shots taken with the EIgnition - Page 2

• Additional screen shots taken with the EIgnition - Page 3

• Additional screen shots taken with the EIgnition - Page 4

• Additional screen shots taken with the EIgnition - Page 5

• Additional screen shots taken with the EIgnition - Page 6


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